Top 10 Floral Wallpapers for Under 40 EUR

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by flowers? Flowers are a symbol of life, beauty, and health, and their colors are a joy to behold. If a fresh bouquet on the table isn’t enough, floral wallpapers come into play, creating a cozy and lively atmosphere. Blooming wallpapers are a true delight for the eyes. Flowers have always inspired artists because art and flowers go hand in hand. So why not surround yourself with flowers in the form of art every day?

We have selected the top 10 floral wallpapers under 40 EUR for you. Because even with a limited budget, you can create a stylish and enchanting home!

In this article, you will learn:

  1. Why choose floral wallpapers?
  2. Top 10 floral wallpapers under 1,000 CZK
  3. How to combine floral wallpapers with furniture and accessories
  4. Where to use floral wallpapers
  5. How to choose a floral wallpaper

Why Choose Floral Wallpapers?

Floral wallpapers have the amazing ability to add elegance and liveliness to your space. With beautiful floral patterns, your living room, bedroom, or kitchen can instantly come to life. They are incredibly flexible and fit perfectly in any room, whether you want to create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom or bring a touch of nature to the kitchen. And the best part? You can achieve a significant effect for little money. Floral wallpapers are affordable and can transform any space into something truly special.

Top 10 Floral Wallpapers Under 40 EUR

1. Wallpaper with Flowers and Birds

Floral wallpaper with bird motifs in various colors

Wallpaper with flowers and birds, M64704 Botanique, Ugepa (vavex.cz)

This wallpaper combines floral and bird motifs, bringing a touch of nature to any room. Ideal for living rooms or bedrooms

2. Pink Floral Wallpaper with 3D Effect

Pink floral wallpaper with an impressive 3D effect

Non-woven floral pink wallpaper with 3D effect M44603, My Kingdom, Ugépa | Over 12,000 Wallpaper Designs • 30+ Years of Quality • Vavex

The pink floral wallpaper with a 3D effect creates a vibrant and deep atmosphere, perfect for modern and stylish living spaces.

3. Gray-Blue Floral Wallpaper

Elegant floral wallpaper in gray-blue

Gray-blue floral wallpaper, M45801, Elegance, Ugepa (vavex.cz)

This elegant wallpaper in gray-blue adds a calm and stylish touch to any room. Ideal for bedrooms and offices.

4. White Floral Wallpaper

Simple white floral wallpaper

White floral wallpaper, B19902, Botanique, Ugepa (vavex.cz)

A simple white floral wallpaper that exudes elegance and purity. Perfect for minimalist interior styles.

5. Blue Wallpaper Flowers

Blue wallpaper with floral pattern

Blue non-woven wallpaper, Flowers, M52701, Adéle, Ugépa (vavex.cz)

This blue wallpaper with a floral pattern brings freshness and liveliness to any room. Ideal for living rooms and dining rooms.

6. Luxury Wallpaper Water Lilies Bird

Luxury wallpaper with water lilies and bird motifs

Luxury wallpaper, water lilies, birds, TP422704, Tapestry, Design ID (vavex.cz)

A luxurious wallpaper combining water lilies and birds to create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for exclusive living spaces.

7. Black Wallpaper Flowers Leaves

Black floral wallpaper with leaf motifs.

Black wallpaper, flowers, leaves, 120718, Vavex 2025

This black wallpaper with floral and leaf motifs brings a dramatic and modern look to any room. Perfect for stylish and bold designs.

8. Luxury Wallpaper Flowers

Luxury wallpaper with floral pattern

Luxury non-woven wallpaper EE22537, Flowers, Essentials, Decoprint | Over 12,000 Wallpaper Designs • 30+ Years of Quality • Vavex

A luxurious wallpaper with a detailed floral pattern that brings elegance and class to any room. Ideal for high-end living spaces.

9. Burgundy Wallpaper with Flowers

Burgundy colored floral wallpaper

Burgundy wallpaper with flowers A56402, Vavex 2024

This wine-colored wallpaper with a floral pattern creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for living and dining rooms.

10. Non-Woven Wallpaper Floral Motif

High-quality non-woven wallpaper with floral motif


A high-quality non-woven wallpaper with a floral motif that adds an elegant and stylish touch to any room. Ideal for all living areas.

How to Combine Floral Wallpapers with Furniture and Accessories

Choosing the Colors of Floral Wallpapers

When selecting furniture and accessories, stick to a color palette that matches your floral wallpapers. If the wallpapers have bold and vibrant patterns, choose furniture and accessories in neutral tones to avoid a cluttered look. Conversely, if the wallpapers are soft and pastel, you can opt for more colorful furniture and accessories.

Combining Materials

Floral wallpapers go great with natural materials. Wooden furniture, wicker baskets, linen cushions, and cotton throws can create a cozy and natural atmosphere. Combining natural materials with floral patterns adds warmth and elegance to your space.

Styles of Floral Wallpapers

Match the style of furniture to the overall look of the wallpapers. For a romantic and vintage look, choose furniture with patina and retro accessories. For a modern and minimalist style, opt for simple lines and smooth surfaces. Floral wallpapers are surprisingly versatile and fit different styles when combined correctly.

Accents and Details

Use accessories that highlight the beauty of floral wallpapers. Vases with fresh flowers, cushions with similar patterns, or pictures with natural motifs can beautifully complement the overall look of the room. However, don't overdo it with decorations – sometimes less is more.

Where to Use Floral Wallpapers?

Floral wallpapers are suitable for practically any room. In the bedroom, they create a calm and relaxing atmosphere; in the living room, they add liveliness and elegance; and in the kitchen, they bring a bit of nature. Don't be afraid to experiment in the bathroom or hallway, where floral patterns can create a surprising effect.

How to Choose a Floral Wallpaper?

When choosing a floral wallpaper, consider the style and color scheme of your interior. Think about the effect you want to achieve – soft pastel colors for a calm atmosphere or bold and vibrant patterns for a lively and energetic space. It's also important to consider the material of the wallpapernon-woven wallpapers are easy to apply, vinyl ones are durable, while paper wallpapers are more affordable.

Surround yourself with the beauty of flowers and create a home where you'll feel great. With our selection of the top 10 floral wallpapers under 40 EUR, everyone can afford a bit of floral luxury.