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Do you know the feeling when you fall in love with a wallpaper design, but hesitate whether it will look as good in your space? Or maybe you're asking: Which of the many patterns will be the right one for my wall?

With our wide range of wallpapers comes countless options, and here you can use our new visualizer tool. It not only allows you to envision how your chosen wallpapers would look in your home but also digitally "repaint" the walls behind your furniture.

You can use the wallpaper planner on:

  1. your smartphonu
  2. your computer

How? Simply and intuitively!

Just a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the product page of your dream wallpaper from the Wallpapers category
  2. Click on "See this in my room."
  3. If you are using your smartphone:
    • Open your smartphone's camera and take a picture of the room where the wallpaper will be placed,
    • use photos stored in your phone,
    • or try our sample rooms.
  4. If you are using the wallpaper planner on your computer:
    • upload a photo from your computer,
    • or use our sample rooms.

And voilà, now you can digitally apply the wallpaper directly to the wall in your space!

Product detail button
Product detail image with the wallpaper you can view in the visualizer tool

If you're unsure about your choice, you can use advanced filtering to narrow down your options by color, pattern, or style you want to create in your space.

Why use our visualizer tool?

  • Clarify your ideas: No more "what ifs". You'll see the real look of the wallpaper right in your home.
  • Save time and energy: Browsing endless samples can be exhausting. With our visualizer tool, you quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Experiment without worries: Changing the wallpaper on the wall in the visualization is a matter of seconds. Try as many patterns as you want and find the right one.
  • Get closer to perfection: With the ability to adjust and filter, you can be sure that your final choice will perfectly match your interior.

Try out the wallpaper planner >>

Your home transformation starts with us. Discover how easily and fun you can breathe new life into your walls. Start your transformation today and let your creativity flourish with our online visualizer tool.