Before heading to a physical store or an online shop to buy wallpaper, it's crucial to calculate the required amount accurately. 

Tools you need

Wallpaper Calculator

připravte si měříc nástroje 1. Gather necessary tools Prepare measuring tools, including a rewinding meter, a pencil, and paper.
Ikona metru měření šířky 2. Measure Wall width

Use the measuring tools to determine the width of the wall from end to end. If the wall is uneven, measure at multiple points and record the maximum width.

Ikona metru měření vášky 3. Measure Wall Height

Similarly, measure the height of the wall. Note down the highest measurement if the wall is not uniform.

zapište si rozměry 4. Record Dimensions Document both the width and height of the wall on paper.

Once measurements are obtained, consider using an online wallpaper calculator, available on our e-shop. Input the width and height of the space to determine the number of wallpaper rolls needed. The calculator accounts for factors like pattern repeat, roll width, and roll length.

 Kalkulačka spotřeby tapetWallpaper calculator

It is a simple online tool that you will find in our e-shop for each product. You just need to enter the width and height of the space you will be wallpapering, and the calculator will determine how many rolls of each wallpaper you will need. In the wallpaper calculator, you will also encounter these terms:

  • Roll width
  • Roll length
  • Wallpaper pattern repeat

Pattern Repeat and Roll Length:

  • Pattern Repeat: This is the distance over which the wallpaper pattern repeats. It affects the amount needed to cover the wall while maintaining pattern continuity. The smaller the pattern repeat, the less waste during installation.
  • Roll Length: This indicates the length of wallpaper on one roll. It's measured in meters and is crucial for calculating consumption.

Buying Extra Wallpaper

It's advisable to purchase additional wallpaper to have a reserve for potential repairs. This precaution ensures that the same wallpaper or production batch can be obtained later if needed.

Calculation Without an Online Calculator

For those preferring manual calculations, the formula is as follows:

Number of Rolls=(Height of Underlying Walls×Sum of Widths of Wallpapered Surfaces−Windows and Doors on Wallpapered Surfaces)×1.1/(Roll Length×Roll Width)

While this formula is relatively straightforward, utilizing an online calculator can save time and minimize the risk of miscalculations.