Wallpapering is possible everywhere! By choosing the right place to wallpaper, you can give your walls and rooms exactly the atmosphere and mood you desire. You have a variety of colors, patterns, materials, and wallpaper styles to choose from, helping you create a personalized interior. But how do you choose which wall or walls to wallpaper? How do you decide which wall is best for wallpapering? And what should you consider when wallpapering specific rooms?

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What to consider when choosing the wallpapering location.
  2. Where to place the wallpaper to change the character and atmosphere of the room.
  3. Where you can wallpaper.

Different types of wallpapers suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, and kitchens, emphasizing resistance to moisture and wipeability.


  • Room lighting - In well-lit rooms, you can afford darker wallpaper colors, while in less illuminated rooms, you may choose lighter colors to brighten the space.
  • Purpose of the room - In rooms with children or pets, it is recommended to use wallpapers with washable surfaces, precisely those with non-woven or vinyl wallpapers. In rooms with high humidity, vinyl wallpapers are particularly suitable due to their high resistance.
  • Room size - Larger rooms showcase large patterns on wallpapers. Conversely, in smaller rooms, it's better to opt for smaller patterns.

Choosing colors and patterns of wallpapers can transform the atmosphere and style of the room, including combining various decorations.


Wallpaper as the main element on the wall

If you want the wallpaper to be the main element of your room, choose large, striking patterns, vibrant colors, or even pictorial wallpapers. However, be careful not to overload the entire room with wallpaper, as the result could be overwhelming. Ideally, place a bold wallpaper directly opposite the entrance door, as it will catch the eye immediately. This way, other elements in the room, such as furniture, pictures, or plants, will also stand out.

How wallpaper can change the atmosphere and style of your home

Wallpapers are like clothing for rooms, allowing you to dress them in different colors and patterns. It is important to work with taste and sensitivity when selecting wallpaper patterns or colors. By choosing the right patterns or colors of wallpapers, you can bring a completely new atmosphere to the room, visually enlarge or shrink it, as well as warm it up or cool it down.

If mentioning patterned wallpapers brings back unpleasant memories of the last century and retro furnishings of prefab apartment buildings, don't worry, as today's wallpaper collections are based on current fashion trends and cater to modern tastes.

We also recommend combining wallpapers and not wallpapering every wall of a room with the same decor. Combine patterned wallpapers with plain ones or with wallpapers with smaller patterns. Wallpaper manufacturers already offer possible combinations of patterns and colors that you can't go wrong with. By choosing suitable colors and patterns for wallpapers, you can separate individual parts of the room, such as the dining area from the kitchen.

Wallpaper with a large pattern placed near the entrance to stand out as the main element in the room.


The answer is simple: you can wallpaper practically anywhere! To ensure that the wallpaper brings you joy for as long as possible, it is essential to be aware of challenges related to humidity or possible wear and tear in specific rooms.

Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and corridors

In these rooms, you can use practically any wallpaper material. Whether paper, non-woven, or vinyl wallpapers, as long as they have the thinnest PVC layer. These are rooms where humidity is not so high that it could damage the wallpapers or shorten their lifespan.

Rooms with children and pets

If you have children or animals at home that can soil or scratch the wall with wallpaper, choose wallpaper that you can easily wipe clean without damaging it. The most suitable types of wallpapers for households with children and pets are non-woven wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers, but also paper wallpapers that carry the symbol for washability on their label.

You can find all information about symbols on wallpapers here.

Kitchens, WC, and bathrooms

Even rooms that must withstand high humidity can be wallpapered, and you can enjoy the results for many years. Choose vinyl and non-woven wallpapers that are at least highly washable, making it possible to clean them with a mild soapy solution.

In kitchens, especially around kitchen countertops and stoves, wallpaper can be at risk of getting soiled by oil or food particles. Therefore, in kitchens, opt for vinyl and non-woven wallpapers that are resistant to friction and can be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water without damaging the wallpaper.