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We have already talked about patterns and their size. And it is with the pattern that we can significantly influence the whole room.

If you want the wallpaper to dominate the room, use more colourful and bold wallpaper, or even wall mural. In most cases, only one selected wall is wallpapered in this way, which is already visible when you enter the room. Manufacturers usually have related wallpapers already listed in their wallpaper catalogues, i.e. matching single-colour or otherwise patterned wallpapers. So you don't have to think what shade of monochrome wallpaper to choose for the patterned wallpaper. Or you can combine more distinctive wallpaper patterns with already designed wallpapers with a more subtle pattern.

If you don't want the wallpaper to be too prominent an element in your interior, wallpaper your walls with softer, more subtle patterns or textures in warm or earthy shades.