Adhesive Wallfix Contract Medium 10kg

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Adhesive for special LEN-TEX wallpapers.

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Adhesive Wallfix Contract Medium 10kg

Instructions for use of Wall-fix contract medium

Wall-fix contract medium:

Professional adhesive for gluing vinyl, non-woven, textile and structural wallpapers.

It ensures more professional gluing of wallpapers better than powder adhesives.

Surface preparation: the wall surface must be dry, degreased and all impurities must be removed. The surface of the wall, which is painted with varnish, should be roughened with sandpaper.

In the case of gluing wallpaper to a wall that is too porous or with low absorbency, penetration should be used. In this case, the adhesive can be mixed with a penetration in a ratio of 1: 1. We recommend Beeline penetration.

How to use: after opening, the adhesive must be mixed well to the same thick consistency.

Do not spread the adhesive when using heavy vinyl wallpaper.

Apply directly to the wall using a paintbrush or roller.

Remove excess glue with a sponge.

Yield: 1 kg of glue is enough for 5 - 6m2 of the surface.


  • the adhesive contains antifungal components
  • protect from freezing !!!

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Producer: KBM

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